This year's Lenten Study, "Jesus, I Want to See," can be found on this page. Past years' Lenten Studies can be found in the links to the right.

Jesus, I Want to See Lenten Study 2023

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Allow Jesus to give you sight this Lent so you may see Him.

This Lent, a time of great grace that Jesus longs to give to us, we are asked this same question from the Gospel of Mark: “What do you want me to do for you?” Through this study, we answer Jesus with the blind man’s words and a humble request: “I want to see.”


- To provide opportunities to encounter Jesus in personal prayer, growing in relationship with Him.
- Foster authentic friendship capable of discussing the interior life and spiritual experiences.
- Create an avenue for hospitality and evangelization.
- Encourage parish unity.


- Jesus, I Want to See Prayer Guide
Physical copies will be available in the Narthex and at each of the side entrances beginning the weekend of February 10-11, or you can download a PDF of the appropriate Guide:

• Adult Prayer Guide HERE*

• PreK-3rd Grade Student Guide HERE*

• 4th-8th Grade Student Guide HERE*

- Bible

- Videos, located below

*Please do not reproduce the guides for anything except personal use without permission. Email with inquiries.

Study Method Options

Consider the following and select what is best for you right now. Ask Jesus to guide your decision.

1. The Prayer Guide
The Prayer Guide (Booklet) is the foundation of the Lenten Prayer Study. It contains daily prayer through Scripture, reflection questions, and written meditations.

2. Small Groups
Discussion: Consider who Jesus is asking you to meet with to discuss the study. This could be a spouse, family members, other parishioners, friend(s), etc.

3. Weekly Videos
Two series are available here: "Opening the Scriptures" by Josh Burks and "Into the Light" by Sara Racicot.

4. Mass/Adoration
Attend daily Mass. Commit to visiting church. Spend time in Adoration.

The Weekly Plan

Ash Wednesday, Introduction

Lent 2023 I Want to See badge2

1st Sunday of Lent

The Last Supper

Lent 2023 02 Bread of Life badge


2nd Sunday of Lent

The Agony in the Garden

Lent 2023 Wk 2 Comforter badge


3rd Sunday of Lent

The Trial

Lent 2023 Wk 3 King of Heaven badge

4th Sunday of Lent

The Way of the Cross

Lent 2023 Wk 4 Champion badge

5th Sunday of Lent

The Crucifixion

Lent 2023 Wk 5 Son of God badge

Holy Week

The Piercing

Lent 2023 Holy Week Lamb of God badge


Easter Sunday

The Upper Room

Lent 2023 Easter Sunday The Resurrection badge






Divine Mercy Sunday

The Road to Emmaus

Lent 2023 Divine Mercy Sunday Merciful Savior badge