Alter Society Mary Kay Gillan 402.327.0563
Baptismal Class Rectory 402.483-2288
Business Manager Ann Wackel  402-483-2288
CCD - Grade School Michele Chambers  402-489-3733
Emergency / Sick Calls Call Rectory  402-483-2288
Family Minstry Gayle Morin  402-483-1438
Grief Ministry Davey Weitzel  402-486-9504
Liturgy Coordinator Sue Erdkamp  402-483-2046
Meals Ministry Sharon Jacobson  402-489-2518
Knights of Columbus Mick Sibbel  402-450-7530
Parish Office Dee Bride  402-483-2288
Director of Parish Operations Ryan Fischer  402-483-2288
Perpetual Adoration Chair Sheryl Rybnick 402-327-8536
Prayer Line Susann Ogden 402-489-2605
Prime Timers Ministry Kathy Powers  402-202-0250
RCIA Call Rectory  402-483-2288
St. Joseph Scrip Kate Walker  402-483-2288
Supportive Literature Ministry Marylu Cords  402-488-9616
Welcome Ministry Chelsea Schauer  402-328-2401
Windows Ministry Marylu Cords  402-488-9616
Youth Choir Rhonda Bohaty  402-310-4671
Youth Ministry Eric Zimmerman  402-540-6219


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