Bishop James Conley is inviting every Catholic to join him on Sunday, April 29, from 8-8:30 pm for the HuskerCatholic Candle-lit Rosary for Peace surrounding the border of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (please be in place by 7:45 pm).  It will take 3300+ people to completely surround the 2.5 mile perimeter and Bishop Conley has asked for 300 people from St. Joseph's. Parishoners are asked to join in a line on the campus sidewalk lining Antelope Valley Parkway between X and Vine streets. You can visit for a map.

There is a signup outside of the church or just fill out the form below.

Please join us in praying one of the Church's most powerful prayers for peace in our communities and in our world!

HuskerCatholic Rosary Surrounding UNL