Eucharistic Procession Surrounding Planned Parenthood
March 27, 2018 at 1 PM
Park at Cornerstone Christian Church at 4849 Old Cheney Road
Everyone Should Arrive and be in Place on the Public Lawn and Sidewalk Prior to 1 PM
Bishop Conley will Begin the Procession from the Lincoln Right to Life Center across the Street at 1 PM
The Eucharistic Jesus will be Processed to the Crosswalk at 48th and Old Cheney then West on the sidewalk along Old Cheney Road. Crossing behind Planned Parenthood through The Lodge Parking Lot. Taking the sidewalk North of Sonic to the sidewalk heading South along 48th Street.
The Goal is 500 Catholics following behind praying the Rosary and Completely Surround Planned Parenthood!
Zachary King says, “This is real smack down on Satan.”