Governor Ricketts has extended social distancing restrictions until April 30, which you can read more about at

- All gatherings and events are cancelled until further notice.
- Confessions are by appointment only or in dire or grave circumstances. We encourage you to pray an Act of Contrition instead.
- Communion is not being distributed. Please pray an Act of Spiritual Communion instead.
- School closed until further notice
- The Penance Service typically held on Palm Sunday is cancelled.
- Distribution of palms is cancelled following the advice of medical professionals.
- Baptisms are, for the most part, postponed until further notice, though they may be done if the 10-person limit is observed.
- Funerals will be postponed to later dates but may still be done if the 10-person limit is observed.

Postponed events:

- Fifth Grade Confirmation Retreat on March 17
- Fifth Grade Confirmation on March 19
- Prime Timers Casino trip scheduled in April to be postponed until sometime in the fall