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Youth Ministry

What The Program Entails


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Mission: The mission of this program is foster relationships with high school students in a family-like setting with the purpose of helping them grow closer to Christ and become true witnesses of His Church. This will be achieved through education, formation, example, challenge, encouragement, and compassion.

Senior Leaders               Junior Leaders                         Sophomore Leaders            Freshmen Leaders

Shawn & Bridget Diederich  Todd & Kelly Krier                   Mike and Aimee Nebel                Nate and Toni Pohlen
Mark & Janet Kurtenbach    Joe & Mary Mulka        
            Josh and Chelsea Schauer           Mark and Megan Doltan
John & Kendra Majerus       
Dick & Shelly Smith                  Jeff and Anne Johnson              Mike and Melissa Czyz
Corey & Nicole Russman     
 Nick & Kristen Streff                Phil and Catherine Boucher 


Sum of Love

This is an awesome opportunity to have a lot of fun with your friends while learning more about your Catholic faith!  



October 1, 2016   7-9pm       

    Shaving Cream Wiffle Ball   -  St. Joseph Gym


October, 2016      TBD                        

    Roca Scary Farm     - Roca, NE


November 4, 2016   7-9pm                                

    Sum of Love Olympics     -  St. Joseph's Gym


December 9, 2016     7-9pm                                 

    Christmas Party     -  Resurrection Hall



Knights of the Altar and Heirs of Grace
Heirs of Grace
A Catholic group for junior high ladies forming more well-rounded young women as they approach high school. This group will focus on how to become a genuine woman while integrating our faith, prayer and leadership skills into everything we do. Topics and activities may include: spirituality, etiquette, modesty, friendship and much more!

Knights of the Altar

A Catholic group for junior high guys forming more well-rounded young men as they approach high school. This group will focus on how to foster authentic manhood while integrating our faith, prayer, and leadership skills into everything we do. Topics and activities might include: spirituality, etiquette, chivalry, manly virtues, friendship, sports, man stuff and much more!

Lux Youth Group 4:12

This Catholic youth group will be meeting on Tuesday mornings. This program shows how to live out our faith in junior high. This unique program will combine prayer, group activities and games to learn more about our faith. Breakfast is ALWAYS provided.

"Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe." – 1 Timothy 4:12

People Look East

This is a Catholic your group for EAST studentswhich meets weekly for prayer, discussion and fun acctivities to help strengthen our faith.  Topics and activies might include: how to live your faith in a public school, apologetic, catechesis, games, prayer and snacks are always provided! We meet Tuesdays from 2:12-3:00 in room 207.


Jesus & Java
Watch the church bulletin for the "Jesus & Java" meetings at Scooter's or in the Bride’s Room. Take a study break to enjoy fellowship with friends and prayer during the school year and in the summer. During the school year we meet on Thursdays @ 6:45 at St. Joseph or at Scooter's.  Hope to see you there!

Diocesan Events

TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) Retreat  

Juniors & Seniors: registration for the October TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) Retreat in Lincoln is online now. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to grow deeper in your faith before going off to college. It’ll be great! Sign up today!!!


Eric Zimmerman

Director of Youth Ministry

Saint Joseph’s Parish

Lincoln, NE

402-489-0341 ext. 52928


“The Catholic Church doesn’t have a mission; she is a mission!”
-Saint John Paul the Great