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The mission of St. Joseph Scrip/ Propelr program is to provide ongoing financial support for St. Joseph Church and School.

The SCRIP portion of the program buys gift certificates at a discount. The gift certificates are purchased by parishioners at face value and redeemed for face value. SCRIP keeps the difference as revenue for the parish and the school. Each SCRIP card is designated to be redeemed at a specific location, making them a great gift idea!

The Propelr portion of the program is a card that acts similar as SCRIP. A percent of your purchases at participating vendors gets donated back to the parish and school. The Propelr card is a reusable, prepaid card that you set up and load cash onto online. It is very convenient and easy to have this single card to cover you no matter where you are shopping. It even works at non-participating vendor locations, they just don’t donate a percent of your purchases back to our Parish. This is not a credit card. There are no fees and this card will not affect your credit.

Both portions of this fundraising program are wonderful ways to give a little extra back to St. Joseph’s Parish and School on your everyday purchases. Both are very user friendly and tremendously benefit St. Joseph’s.

Both SCRIP and Propelr can be purchased/ picked up before and after all weekend Masses. They are also available in the school office when school is in session.

St. Joseph Scrip and Propelr provide financial support for a variety of financial needs of the parish. We support the school through teacher supplements, purchase special equipment or supplies for the parish and school, sponsor the Lighthouse Catholic Media CD program, donate to Pius X High School scholarships, provide tuition assistance to parish families, and contribute to other needs as they arise.

Participation in the Scrip/ Propelr program is a great way to become engaged in the parish and make stewardship part of your daily life. In addition, volunteers make up the heart of the program. If you are interested in volunteering to sell Scrip/ Propelr at weekend Masses, please contact Kate Walker at

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