St. Joseph Catholic Church

Father Nathan Hall


Saint Joseph's would like to extend a warm welcome to Father Nathan Hall who was kind enough to answer some questions for us. We look forward to having you in our parish family!

-Tell us about your family.
I’m from Morse Bluff. My dad, Jerry, is a retired general contractor and my mom, Cecilia, is a retired librarian. I have one brother and five sisters. I’m number six of seven.

-Where did you go to grade school?
Morse Bluff Elementary. We were the Cardinals.

-What was your favorite subject?
Either math or science.

-What teacher influenced you the most? Why?
Mr. Thayler. We were a small school so he taught 5th and 6th grade together. He’d teach math to one and while they worked he’d teach math to the other. Then we’d do the rest of our subjects like that. He was ex-military and just very strong. He always instilled the importance of education and becoming a better person.

-What is the importance of education?
It helps you come to know what’s true and teaches you how to find truth. The truth is best for us. We should always seek it whether it’s to defend ourselves against falsehood or people taking advantage of us, but also so we can help others by bringing them to true things.

-What was the last book you read?
It was probably Unbound by Neil Lozano or I just reread the Imitation of Christ. For leisure reading, for fun, I just started Redwall by Brian Jacques again.

-Who do you look up to?
Fr. Leo Kosch. He’s the pastor at Sacred Heart here in Lincoln. He’s just a holy, happy priest. He loves God and it shows.

-When did you first feel called to the priesthood?
I’ve always had small inklings especially in my late teens and early 20s, but it really solidified at 25 or 26. That’s when I settled down a bit and met more priests and saw what the life was like. That’s when I really started to consider it. I entered the seminary at 27.

-What do you like the most about being a priest?
I like being in people’s lives whenever or however they need me. Today I’m setting up a baptism, a funeral and doing wedding preparations. Being able to be a part of those is really amazing.

-What have you liked most about Saint Joseph’s so far?
It’s the community. Everybody is so welcoming. They’re just on fire to help, not only me, but other people. It’s not closed off. It’s a very outstanding parish.

-What do you do on your day off?
This week I saw a movie, visited friends and family. I’ll eat out, work out and read. It’s my time to recharge for the rest of the week. The best description I give people is that it’s a holy day of no obligations.

-Anything else you wanted to add?
I’m just very thankful for the help and warm reception so far and I hope to give this parish the best I’ve got.