St. Joseph Catholic Church

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St. Joseph Catholic Church
Church and School Address

1940 S 77th Street
Lincoln, NE 68506-1805
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Parish Office and Rectory
7900 Trendwood Drive
Lincoln, NE 68506-6559

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Phone: 402.483.2288
Fax: 402.483.2336

Parish Phone Numbers

Altar Society Mary Kay Gillan 402.327.0563
Baptismal Class Rectory 402.483-2288
Business Manager Ann Wackel 402.483.2288
CCD - Grade School Michele Chambers 402.489.3733
Emergency / Sick Calls Call Rectory 402.483.2288
Family Ministry Gayle Morin 402.483.1438
Grief Ministry Davey Weitzel 402.486.9504
Liturgy Coordinator Sue Erdkamp 402.489.0341 x52912
Meals Ministry Sharon Jacobson 402.489.2518
Parish Health Ministry Donna McClure 402.781.2239
Parish Office Dee Bride 402.483.2288
Director of Parish Operations Ryan Fischer 402.483.2288
Perpetual Adoration Chair Sheryl Rybnick 402.327.8536
Prayer Line Susann Ogden
Sharon Kubert
Prime Timers Ministry Sharon Kubert 402.483.4698
RCIA Call Rectory 402.483.2288
St. Joseph Scrip Kate Walker 402.314.1416
Supportive Literature Ministry Marylu Cords 402.488.9616
Welcome Ministry Chelsea Schauer 402.328.2401
Widows Ministry Marylu Cords 402.488.9616
Youth Choir Rhonda Bohaty 402.310.4671
Youth Ministry Eric Zimmerman 402.489.0341

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